Having fun during the shoot and the entire process of creating (y)our beautiful pictures is most important to me. In order to do that, a relaxed atmosphere, where everyone involved can contribute to the final outcome, is most helpful. Your ideas, your sense of self and your own sense and feeling of beauty will guide us to pictures which you will truly enjoy.


Most of the time I shoot private projects which often start out from an idea.

I'm constantly looking for new projects and looking forward to your ideas.


Time for Print means that everybody involved (model, make-up artist, photographer etc.) shares their time and contributes free of charge to create some beautiful pictures which in return everybody can use for their portfolio. In private projects I will stick to that TfP policy and gladly do my part.


Almost any place can be used to shoot. I have the car and the lighting to go almost anywhere depending on the project.


For the most part I will prefer to shoot in the outdoors. First of all, because there are a lot of locations in and around Munich which I love to explore, and second of all, they are almost always available and (for the most part) affordable.


In case an indoor location such as a professional studio is needed, I have one particular close by. This studio can be booked depending on the project and contains the latest in studio lighting, so that almost any idea can be brought to life.


In case you are interested in shooting with me, simply choose any of the below ways to contact me. In order to be able to decide how we will proceed from there, please make sure you provide at least the following infromation:

  • What area of shooting (Dance | Fashion | Beauty) do you have in mind?
  • Where can pictures of you (or the model for the project) be seen or can they be provided?
  • When shall the shooting take place?


Stefan Chivarov
Mobile +49 163 1636181

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